Photo Archives from Marilyn and Dorothy King

This is a slide show archive of photos from the childhood and adult lives of Marilyn King Main and Dorothy King Jones, two sisters who grew up in Sycamore, Illinois, before and during WWII. Marilyn and Dorothy are my aunt and my mother, respectively.

The photos came from a collection owned by Marilyn and were scanned in the order that I took them out of the box (which is to say, in no discernible order whatsoever). On a couple of separate evenings, I put the photos in front of the sisters and recorded their comments as they viewed the photos.

Because these photos appeared in front of Marilyn and Dorothy in that same random order, their memories and comments were equally unorganized, leading in a few cases to confusion, and in many more cases a wider range of thoughts and memories, not to mention a longer, and sometimes wider narrative explanation of the photos.

NOTE: New images have been added on the page for #125. Worth a look. Any further information on these people would be greatly appreciaed. (No audio yet. Coming soon.)

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